Larry and Gail Miller purchased their first dealership in 1979. Forty years later, we are a group of over 60 dealership locations, serving millions across seven western states. It takes a vision, integrity, and hard work to reach this milestone - one vehicle at a time. At Larry H. Miller Dealerships, we're Driven By You.
Here at Larry H. Miller Chevrolet our mission is to enrich lives. We achieve true success when we positively impact our employees and partners, customers and guests, vendors and suppliers, and the environments and communities around us. As we prosper in business, we have an obligation to enrich lives and to make the world a better place.
Our vision is to be the best. Our company's success is based on personal growth and continuous improvement. We believe our work should be productive, worthwhile and fun. If we enjoy what we do, we perform better and our customers see that in our service. That's why our vision is to be the best place in town to work and the best place in town to do business.
Integrity is the foundation of all things successful. It defines our behavior and all of our actions and interactions. Trust, both in business and our personal lives, is built on integrity.
We believe in honoring our word, doing the right thing simply because it's right, and in being someone that coworkers, customers and the community can count on.
We believe that hard work is a commitment to excellence. It's about applying fundamental disciplines consistently. As we do so, we get better every day.

  • Make good things happen by giving your best effort. 
  • Learn what you can. Teach what you know.  
  • Never give up on pursuing your goals and realizing your potential. 
Whether you're looking for employment, a new vehicle or to service the vehicle you already have, we hope you'll choose